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So much is involved when it comes to landscape maintenance. Even if you’re only trying to maintain the look you got when you’re landscaping was set up, it may take a lot of work. The reason for this is that landscapes are full of organic plant material that grows and will get out of control if not pruned and trimmed. There are always things to be done when it comes to landscape maintenance.

A lot of people who own houses in Atlanta find that it’s not worth it to try to handle landscape maintenance on their own, and it’s much easier to hire someone to take care of it for you. Let the professionals spend the day mowing, fertilizing, edging, and pruning. Meanwhile, you can sit on the couch and binge your favorite show.

Landscape Maintenance

Important Landscape Maintenance Tasks

Some of the most important landscape maintenance tasks you need to make sure get done include:


Mowing – Your lawn needs to be mowed weekly to maintain a clean and manicured look. You’ll also want to keep your grass trimmed.


Fall and Spring Clean-Up – This involves pruning, removing debris, cutting back any perennials and grasses that are ornamental, mulching, and re-edging the beds.


Plant health care – This is the attention and care of your shrubs and small trees. This includes pruning, fertilization, spraying for insects, and spraying for diseases.


Bed maintenance – Plant beds are an excellent way to add beauty to your yard, but they need to be maintained regularly to stay looking nice. This means the weeds need to be removed consistently.

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